Dejaoffice iphone sync error

Dejaoffice iphone sync error

images dejaoffice iphone sync error

For about a month tech support worked with me but suddenly did not respond to my emails. Not being able to change views from landscape to portrait Email or Phone Password Forgot account? They blamed the problem on Apple of course and told me that they were working on a fix, but had absolutely no idea of when that fix would happen. Hours Time Tracking for iOS is our top pick with a visual timeline to easily review hours and make corrections. This is just terrible software and CompanionLink is a terrible company to work with. It is currently back online. Price Free.

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  • Dejaoffice Crm With Pc Sync Reviews [+ Buyer Recommendation] JustUseApp Reviews

    Troubleshooting DejaOffice for Android (all sync methods); Android Apple iOS - Troubleshooting Google Sync; Troubleshooting DejaOffice for iOS (all sync methods) Common error messages when syncing to Google. native_sync_running.

    images dejaoffice iphone sync error

    When DejaOffice is set to sync with the native contacts, each time DJOI opens, the native sync runs. This sync is usually very fast and. [Archive] DejaOffice on the iPhone and iPad Support Forum. sync with Calendar · DejaCal Issues: Can't Search & Question About "Sync with iPhone Calendar.
    First of all wanted this so I could sync Outlook colour coding.

    DejaOffice Tech Support

    App crashes when syncing. What a joke. Also, syncing across devices is a must for me. Our top pick for Android is Time Recording as you can access your timesheet information anytime, anywhere with automatic cloud backups and synchronization across all your devices. New Direct mode allows you to go directly to Apple Contacts and Calendar.

    images dejaoffice iphone sync error
    When it comes to running a small business, one of the most important aspects is going to be inventory control.

    Troubleshooting CompanionLink Support

    Doing a search for CRM or contact manager does not show this product which is a shame because I think a lot of people don't know about this great program and I worry the apple base maybe slow to grow because of this.

    It was resolved in the subsequent release. Its a total disaster. Run the App on the iPhone to pull data from the DejaCloud.

    Contact DejaOffice support. Access support documents Learn the many features and options in DejaOffice Classroom for Android and iPhone.

    images dejaoffice iphone sync error

    Sync Method. Download DejaOffice CRM with PC Sync and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, as the last 2 are not new issues and the first issue is very similar to one about a.

    DejaOffice CRM App with PC Sync for iPhone CRM App synchronizes Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes from Outlook and other PC.
    It passed all tests. Business Nov 9, 8 min read. CRM and sales tracking - Sellf.

    ‎DejaOffice CRM with PC Sync on the App Store

    Just want to get my contacts to sync both ways with it. I had it working somewhat at one point, but now the CompanionLink software just scrambled my Palm Desktop calendar data and lost all my address data - Luckily I had a backup from a few days ago.

    This sync says it copied the correct number of contacts and calendar items 2.

    images dejaoffice iphone sync error

    images dejaoffice iphone sync error
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    Posted this week: CompanionLink 9 Build Each attempt to fine tune it only got worse.

    This app won where MSOffice failed. ThenI had to change the colours manually on Ipad hoping they would sync back to Outlook, nope.

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    However, the DejaOffice calendar on the iPad just showed one entry on the monthly calendar view when there was plenty of room for several entries. Looks promising, but Instead, a GPS activated tracker automatically does all the work for you.

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